Thursday, February 3, 2011

One of the wintertime creatures that inhabits Mud Lake Bog is the Eastern Screech Owl. As a fairly small bird it is only 16 to 25 cm in length and it varies greatly in color. The Screech Owl nests in deciduous or mixed woodlands in eastern North America usually making its home in holes dug by woodpeckers, but it will also use nesting boxes. It is insectivorous, mainly eating invertebrates, but will also prey on small mammals and reptilians, and sometimes fish. Its call sounds like a high-pitched whistle followed by a trill.

Another creature that lives in the Bog is the Barred Owl. It is a very large bird as it is 44 to 46 cm in length and has a 101 to 115 cm wingspan. Its face resembles an old woman wearing a babushka. It nests in dense woods over all of North America, but it will also nest in suburban locations. Its diet is made up of mice and other small rodents and will prey on birds such as grouse, hawks, and sometimes domestic ducks. The call is a hoot that sounds like who-cooks-for-you-who-cooks-for-you-all.

Here is a night "video" (can't see much since it's at night, but you can hear) from our owling trip of the Eastern Screech Owl:
(Report by Cameron H.)

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